The Cloak

Welcome! This is an experiment with an AI-modified narrative and a quick personality test. It requires JavaScript and should work on browsers other than IE. EXPERIMENT DESCRIPTION First, you are presented with a few questions about yourself (which you are free to not answer) and a 10-item Five-Factor Model questionnaire. You are then presented with a short story of about 4000-5000 words, adapted from the Cloak, by Nikolai Gogol and translated by Thomas Seltzer, given alternative endings, and modified by AI, unless you are in a control group. In the final part, you are asked questions about the experience. YOUR CONSENT By participating in the CCI Research Project, you agree to the following statements: You confirm that you have read and understand the Terms of Use presented below. You understand that your participation is voluntary and that you are free to withdraw at any time without giving any reason. You confirm you are at least 18 years of age. You agree that the anonymous findings may be used in academic reports, publications and academic presentations. WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE DISADVANTAGES AND RISKS OF TAKING PART? We do not foresee any disadvantages of taking part in the study. DATA COLLECTED The times and dates you access THE CCI PLATFORM; how long you spend on THE CCI PLATFORM; the selections you make; the feedback you enter. HOSTING THE CCI PLATFORM is hosted by Linode in the UK. LEGAL INFORMATION Under UK law, We are obliged to inform you of the name of the "data controller", responsible for how your personal information is processed; The Dean of UAL Creative Computing Institute is the "data controller" for this study. COOKIE POLICY This study does not use cookies and no cookie will be set or used as part of your participation. CONTACT FOR FURTHER INFORMATION For more information, please contact and